What are Artifacts?

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"Artifacts" are one of the elements that can strengthen your deck and can be obtained as mission rewards from 'Derby Requests'.

Through 'Edit Deck', you can equip up to three artifacts to your deck, which provide the following effects:


- 'Ultimate Title': Increases hero prowess by n%.

- 'Symbol of Iron Will': Increases hero attack speed by n%.

- 'Blade of Salvation': Increases unit attack power by n%.

- 'Infinite Gauntlet': Increases unit attack speed by n%.

- 'Radiant Blessing': Increases all allies' critical hit chance by n%.

- 'Crimson Returns': Increases all allies' critical damage by n%.

- 'Philosopher's Tome': Increases beneficial effects on allies by n%.

- 'Corrupt Grail': Increases duration of harmful effects by n%.

- 'Stone of Origins': Increases castle's maximum health by n%.

- 'Aura of Purgatory': Restores n% of castle health at the end of each wave.

- 'Giant Slayer': Restores n% of castle health upon boss defeat.

- 'Royal Protection': Gains a shield that blocks 20 damage at the start of combat.

- 'Demonic Contract': Reduces damage taken from normal monsters by n%.

- 'Statue of Ancient God': Reduces damage taken from boss monsters by n%.

- 'Soul Stone': Slows down berserk monsters, reducing their movement speed by n%.

- 'Cursed Parchment': Increases the attack power of berserk opposing monsters by n%.

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