After the wave ends, the unit placement returns

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During the "Derby" mode, unit placements and movement are very important elements, but repeatedly restoring moved units to their original position during combat can be very tiring.

Therefore, a feature is provided where the unit placement at the start of the wave is saved, and the units are restored to the saved position at the end of the wave.

If you find this feature inconvenient for unit placement, you can disable it in the following way:


[How to Set Placement Reversion]

1   Touch the "三" button at the top right of the game lobby. Home Menu.jpg
2   Touch the "Settings" button. Home Menu.jpg




  Choose ON/OFF button for "Restore Deployment".

(ON: Units are restored to their original placement at the end of the wave. / OFF: Unit placement is maintained at the end of the wave.)

Setting Change.jpg

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