What are quests and missions?

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Quests are classified into 'Daily Quests' and 'Weekly Quests,' and you can check them on the main screen's 'book icon'.

For 'Daily Quests' and 'Weekly Quests,' the content of the quests and the clearence history are updated daily or weekly.

Missions are classified into 'Guide Missions' and 'Derby Requests,'

You can check them at the top of 'Blitz Stage Mode' on the main screen, and on the right side of the main screen at the 'coin purse and sword icon'.

'Guide Missions' are missions that are updated depending on the clearance situation. It helps to be used to play Defense Derby easily.

'Derby Requests' are missions (requests) that are randomly presented, and you can either choose to accept them or use gold to refresh the content of the mission (request).

If you clear these quests and missions, you can obtain various rewards, so be sure to give them a try!



Daily / Weekly Quests Guide Missions Derby Requests
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